Continuing with our "Never Before Seen" memories, flicks, and collabs; we introduce an interview with ex Odd Future DJ Syd tha Kyd now solely with her band called, "the internet" . We  also did this interview in 2010 in LA at the now defunct, Reserve store in the Fairfax District. Enjoy the read.


Also, check out the Kerplunk page for more pictures from the trip.



D: For the record, what’s your name? Age? Where are you from?


S: Sydney Bennett, I’m 18 years old and I live in Los Angeles.


D: What do you do? Everyday life?


S: Sleep in real late. *laughs* And, go to school less than I'm supposed to.


D: How did you become apart of Odd Future?


S: I did a session with a dude from Pasadena and he brought Hodgy [Beats]. And, Hodgy recorded more than him. Then, I met Tyler and he had talked to my brother, Taco.


So, one day, I left the studio to go get some food and came back 15 minutes later and there was like 13 wolves standing outside my house *laughs* so we made it happen.


D: You’re the only female in the group [OFWGKTA]. How does that feel?


S: I grew up around a lot of guys. [So] I’m used to guys being around. And, sometimes when we go out of town for events, I get my own hotel room. *laughs*


D: You guys did a show in London. How was it and did it go?


S: Yes. It was crazy. It was small; like a pub kind of vibe. The drinking age is 18 anyway, so, it was cool. A bunch of drunk white kids falling on the stage and shit. It was dope.


D: Did you go to the New York show? Was that your first time?


S: Yes I did go. And no, it was my second time; but the best time I’ve had. The first time was just on some vacation tourist shit.


D: How would you compare the experience between London and New York?


S: For one, the drinking age in London is 18 *laughs* and two, the New York show was way more live; there were more kids there... that’s really it. The show was more live and it was a more professional venue. It was the best show we had [so far].


D: So, Taco is your brother. How is that? Sibling rivalry?


S: Taco is annoying as fuck! *laughs* That’s just fact, not just a sibling thing. He's annoying as fuck... yeah, I don’t like that nigga that much. *laughs*

D: Who's older? You or him?


S: Me. Look at that nigga. Have you seen him in person?!


D: *laughs* Yeah, I met him last night with Tyler at Supreme.


S: Look how small that nigga is. I mean, we definitely fought a lot but at the same time, we have a bond... whatever, no gay shit. But, we have each others' back at the end of the day.


D: What has been your biggest challenge as a female artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?


S: Honestly, being a female has worked in my favor rather than hurt me. I may be the only female in the group but I stand out in Odd Future. I haven’t had any downfalls for being a female. I've never had [that kind of] situation. I don’t say, “Hey I’m a girl producer.” or “girl engineer.” My work speaks for itself. My clients come back. Simple as that.


D: What’s your ultimate direction for Odd Future music? Are you seeking fame and fortune?


S: All we want are some real fans. We could give a fuck if we have a million fans who only know four songs. We'd rather HAVE 50 THOUSAND FANS KNOW ALL THE SONGS. Die-hard fans.


Money . . . we all want money. But, we don’t do the music for the money, so, the fact that we’re going to be making money is a plus. I’m  in school for business because I don’t want to rely on music for money. At the same time, it is good to make money off of music, ya know?


D: Any plans on your own album? Like Super 3 came out with just an instrumental. Are you going to start rapping?


S: Most definitely, not rapping. I’ll probably end up doing things for myself. But, right now [the plan is to] make as much money as I can to move out of my house. That’s the focus.


As far as music goes, I’m not focusing on my own shit because I have to focus on fixing other people’s shit. But, I do make my own beats and will probably feature on some shit in the future. Mike G has started his new project (Gold) and I’ll have some shit on there.    


D: On Rolling Papers, what songs were you on or produced?


S: I play drums on “Dreams” but on his second [album], I might have a couple of beats.


D: How do you feel about the females in the rap game now?


S: More power to them. I really don’t listen to rap music. I got a lot of respect for Nicki Minaj. I dig her. *laughs* I think she’s cool for playing her role. Respect to all females. If you ask me to rap on some shit, no. And if you ask ME to rap with some neon color wig on, NO. *laughs*   


D: Aside from music, what else is your passion?


S: Other than music, my only passion is charity work, which I need to do more of. That’s what I always wanted to do: [was] to make a lot of money, so, I can give like half of it back, ya know? Not even to my community because my community is way better off than a lot of other communities out there.


D: Any shot outs?


S; Shot out to the Crips. *laughs*


D: Last words?


S: Free Earl. Odd Future Wolf Gang Don't Give A Fuck.